Top 5 Gadgets of 2013

1.Google Glasses is the most simplest thing you can imagine of. Everything you need is there right on your eye, all you have to do is talk. In Google Glasses you just need to say ” record”  to record,”take video” to take a video,”take picture” to take a picture, and ask for directions to get some. That’s all, isn’t that simple?

2. HTC One is the most loudest phone you can imagine.  HTC One can have a live home screen, which means you can put the best moments of your life on your home screen.  HTC One has more sound so you can use it as mini speakers on a phone.  HTC One can take up to 20 picture and a 3 second video at once by just one button.  HTC One can control your TV and mini theater right from your phone.

3.Iphone 5s has a more improved camera than before. Iphone 5s has a fingerprint sensor for unlocking phone or other things. Iphone 5s also has a next gen computer. Iphone 5s has a motion tracking chip because of which you can see the phone location if you lose it. If you are interested in sell your mobile you need to see this website .

4.Samsung galaxy S4 has a dual camera. Samsung galaxy S4 even can take a picture, but before takes 5 seconds recording of the backround noises. Samsung galaxy S4 can also take 100 shots in 4 second and then you can add any of those pictures to make one picture.

5.LG 2G has a large amount of battery life for people that use their phone alot. LG G2 also has a very good camera. LG G2 also has a better processer. LG G2′s on and off button are on the back of the phone instead of the top or the side of the phone. LG G2 can be turned on or off by tapping the black screen twice or blank space on the home screen.


People are always thinking about perfect gifts for mothers, fathers, and lovers. But, how about your little hero and your little princess? What about their gifts?

Vtech touch & swipe baby phone

 This touchscreen baby phone solves the major problem of your phone being covered in drool and your contacts all switched. Kids do crazy stuff with their parent’s phone and it makes it all the more easier because i-pods and i-phones are touchscreen. This is perfect for your little one because it’s touchscreen and will make them think they have your phone. It has numerous songs to keep them distracted and can teach them new vocabulary through the pretend apps available. This touchscreen resembles an i-pod, but not price-wise.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity

If your kid is a genius and can figure out the difference between a real phone and a baby one, then the above is really not going to work for you. Just give them your phone…along with this super amazing protective case. This durable case with easy grips will protect your i-phone from breaking and your kid’s drool. On the back, there is a mirror and beads, so your child can play with this case without any devices inside,also.